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Tis the season for organic fleece jackets! They're popping up everywhere, in styles for layering, snuggling and showing off, so you're sure to find the perfect version to keep out the chill.

My personal favorite is this tailored version by Naturevsfuture -- it's the perfect combo of comfy, warm, and pulled together, plus I love the off kilter buttons. Try this one instead of a sweater to spice things up.

Naturevsfuture Double Collar Polartec® Fleece Button Top $220.
GOOD B/C: Organic.

chartreuse chic

The wide collared Ecoganik version is the prom queen of the bunch -- it's mentioned on Elle.com and sold by Anthropologie, BTC Elements and Kaight, but Modify is the only boutique with all sizes available. I like how cozy the styling is, with every detail from the empire to the gathered pockets making me think, "relax." Throw this one on when you're running weekend errands, and know you'll look perfect no matter who you run into.

Ecoganik Fleece Wide Collar Coat $159.
GOOD B/C: Organic.

chartreuse chic

My last (but certainly not least) pick is also by Ecoganik, but black and double breasted with a matching scarf. The precise styling makes this ideal outerwear for all of you in climates with just a touch a chill in the air.

Ecoganik Captain's Coat $158.
GOOD B/C: Organic.

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