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Is greenslinging just greenwashed sensationlism?

It's a busy week (and it's RAINING in JUNE... yuck) so I haven't read this week's eco news too closely. But here's the gist as I understand it: Daily Mail yelled. Worn Again shrugged. Treehugger shrugged. Inhabit shrugged.

I think it's sad there's so much greenslinging (it's like watching the Dems battle it out in 2004... isn't anything at this point better than the norm?) But I'm still probably going to buy Simple Shoes sneakers when mine fall apart because they might not be perfect, but they're half the price.

The Expose: The dirty truth about Cameron's 'green' trainers, Daily Mail

The Defense: Response from WA, Worn Again

The Summary: Greenslinging: Recycled Shoemaker Not Perfect, Says Newspaper, Treehugger (if you're short on time or fear reading, this will give you everything)

The Interview: Manufacturing & Sustainability: Two Brands Weigh In, Inhabit (also represented is Stewart & Brown, who made the lovely dress I wrote about last week)

p.s. Terra Plana is Worn Again. Just in case you get confused about that Inhabit interview.

p.p.s. I really can't wait until "greenslinging" and "greenwahsing" are added to the OED, because not only do I think they're cool words, but I really want to know who used them first.

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