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Get your organic Stewart Brown even cheaper

Just in time to stock up on staples for the summer, Stewart & Brown is offering an extra 25% off their sale tops and dresses with coupon "SALESALE". The Organic Tie Cami, $17 from $62, has a pointelle knit that will add a feminine touch to skirts or shorts. For chillier days, layer on the Organic 1/2 Sleeve Hoodie, $26 from $88. Of course, it's not summer shopping without a pretty summer dress. The Organic Gather Strap Dress, $48 from $145, isn't just a pretty face; its pockets and bra-strap hiding straps make it a practical choice as well!

Raw Earth at huge discounts - TODAY ONLY

This week's sample sale leave you wanting more green? Here's another one day only sale -- Raw Earth organic clothing at up to 79% off! Gomatta Girls is a site that offers one-day only sales on indie designers. The discounts are almost always insane, which makes up for the slightly slower shipping, the credit-only returns, and the barebones shopping experience.

These offerings by Raw Earth swing toward the hippie side of the green fashion spectrum, but it's a perfect opportunity to pick up a long, sweeping dress to jump on the maxi bandwagon. The low waist on the Senegal dress is best for the boyish looking to add curves; swap a tonal ribbon into the corset back to keep things from looking to Renaissance Fair.

Raw Earth Wild Sky Senegal Organic Dress $89 from $370. Today only! And yes, I have ordered from the Gomatta Girls before -- they are totally legit.

Envi whips up a sample sale - TONIGHT!

While I'm going to miss dropping in on fab Boston eco boutique Envi at they're old Newbury digs, there's one bright side to their new move across town -- a huge sample sale! Prices start at $10 and nothing is over $100. Plus, you get to nosh on organic cupcakes and champagne. Yum! So, Boston greenies, get yourself out into that gorgeous sunshine and over to the new Envi. Tonight (5/20/09) until 8pm!

Envi Showroom
134 Beach Street, Boston MA

Not in Boston and bummed you're missing out on the fun? Well, I doubt the Envi girls will ship you a cupcake, but you can catch the sale online here. Everything's discounted, but the Del Forte Bluebell Organic Jeans are a real steal, $40 from $194, in a flattering dark wash and a hip flared cut.

Thanks for the link, FabSugar!

I don't know how anyone got past those orange panties of Kate Bosworth to make it to my link, but sweet!

Get the Stella McCartney look for less


If I had the dough, I'd spend most of my time in the drape-y, muted, earth friendly offerings from Stella McCartney. But why daydream about unaffordable eco fashion when there are so many green options within reach?

Take this pretty pink dress from Loyale. The color may be called "rose" instead of "berry", and you might have to scrounge up your own sash belt, but I'd say that neckline and the overall loose-yet-structured effect capture the look of Stella perfectly. Both dresses may be on sale right now, but the Loyale option is still half the price of the designer version. This spring, wear it as a tunic paired with your straight leg (but not too tight) pants, then throw it on over swim suits and flip flops when the weather warms up.

Loyale Organic Weston Dress $98 from $196. Of course, if you shorted American and are feeling flush, you can always run over to Barneys for the original $249 from $995.

p.s. I have to also link to the adorable photo of Inhabitots' Jill Fehrenbacher wearing this dress -- at 5 months pregnant! Maybe it's the glow that makes her look so good, but maybe it's also the dress. One thing's for sure, though: if she can look fresh and tiny with a baby on board, this dress will hide any extra holiday cookie poundage anyone else is carrying.

Get a fresh new cut for the new year


It's a new year. Why not snag a fresh pair of organic jeans in a sleek trouser cut and a creamy white wash from fresh company... the Gap? That's right, the original home of the boring basic seems to be switching things up a bit. Fingers crossed that this is a trend for 09!

What does this pair of jeans have going for it, beyond the obvious reasonable price tag and nationwide availability? Well, they're a loose, breezy cut that seems like a breath of fresh air after two seasons of skinnies. Then there's that color, that earthy cream that keeps them from being too sailor-bright. All that, and they're a full 98% organic cotton. Good job, Gap -- keep it up!

Organic flare leg trouser jeans $60. Or go ask to see them in your local Gap, and make sure every employee knows that you love eco fashion ;)

Green Gifts under $25: Exuberant recycled tote


You'll certainly get an "oh my!" when this gift is opened. Since this bag is made from a piece of a recycled banner, the vinyl is sturdy and waterproof. That makes it perfect for damp swimsuits, drippy groceries, muddy picnics. It would also make an ideal alternative diaper bag for moms who like to customize their carry-alongs. They'll never have to worry about dirty nappies or sticky fingers around this tote -- just wipe it down or wash it out, and it's good as new!

Like the diaper bag idea, and know someone who's going to need all the basics soon? Make a full gift of it, by adding an organic folded changing pad and some home made baby wipes. Your soon-to-be mom will be set to hit the ground running!

Recycled "Oh my!" banner tote, $20. Perfect for new moms who like to stand out from the crowd.

Gift Guide Under $25: Eco sexy cheerleaders


Admit it. There's a guy in your life who would think you were just the coolest if you gave him an NFL cheerleader for the holidays. This year, you can give him 38 without feeling too silly about it. This calendar features the Philadelphia Eagles' cheerleaders showing off eco sexy fashions, with bikinis made of organic cotton and recycled plastic, plus of course lots of all-natural skin. All that green gorgeousness is then printed on recycled paper. Don't forget to sneak a look yourself for eco fashion ideas you can wear come summer!

2008-2009 Autographed Eagles Cheerleaders Calendar $24.99. Perfect for eco warriors who are closet NFL fans... or NFL fans who never forget to recycle their beer cans.

Via BuzzFeed

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